The Right Stuff – NASA Tested, Athlete Approved

In 2009, when the NASA-developed hydration drink additive, The Right Stuff® was first introduced for endurance athletes; there were sceptics who did not foresee market success.  For example, according to the editors from Popular Science magazine, “Coming out with a product whose only market is already dominated by Gatorade® does not sound like the beginnings of a successful business venture.”  But the market has proven otherwise as The Right Stuff® continues to grow rapidly year after year.
We are pleased to continually demonstrate the success of The Right Stuff as a hydration additive for performance athletes. The Right Stuff will soon begin its 5th year on the market and is the exclusive provider for hydration needs of high performance athletes such as

Athletes such as these and many others have found The Right Stuff makes a noticeable, positive impact on their performance. “Companies always claim they sell the best product, but after training here on our local trails, we realized how big of an impact The Right Stuff has on our bodies.” – Texas A&M International (TAMIU) Cycling Club

Since its introduction to the public, The Right Stuff has continued to work to improve the product’s flavors for the athletes who depend on The Right Stuff for their hydration needs. The Right Stuff® recently introduced a new Orange Tangerine flavor that is especially well-liked among the power athletes (e.g., Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey etc.)
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Open Call for New Athlete Advocates for The Right Stuff® from NASA


With the spring season here, The Right Stuff is focused more than ever on providing for the hydration needs of high performance athletes. Our commitment is to Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes!  And, athletes all over the world are realizing the great benefits from the NASA-developed hydration formula.

  • Do you regularly use The Right Stuff?
  • Are you passionate about recommending The Right Stuff® as THE hydration solution for your fellow athletes?

If you answered yes to either question then The Right Stuff would like to invite you to be considered to become one of our select Athlete Advocates.

  • What does an Athlete Advocate do?

Our Athlete Advocates help spread the word about the NASA-developed hydration formula.  They keep the general sports world up to date about their sport’s progress and how The Right Stuff helps optimize their performance as they train and compete.  They also share their stories through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

  • Do I have to be a professional athlete to represent The Right Stuff?

No you do not. Our Advocates range from pros to Olympians to college athletes to age groupers. The goal is to make serious athletes aware of the NASA-developed formula to help them take their performance to the next gear and maintain that level.

    • How do I apply

You may either go online to the following link:
Or contact us at: