Drew Cole – Motocross – The Right Stuff Athlete Advocate

I have had the opportunity to evaluate the free samples, received through Hookit…and was very happy with the results. My evaluation consisted of 4 days of 4-6 hours of single track and motocross riding in 94-96 degree heat (Durhamtown, GA), in full motocross racing gear. Needless to say, heavy sweating, dehydration and overheating is the norm. On day one, I drank pure coconut water in my hydration pack and suffered from dehydration towards the end of my ride (primarily fatigue & overheating with minor chills). Over the next 2 days, I mixed two pouches of the citrus blend with 3-4, 16 oz bottles of water in my hydration pack. After the exact same rides in nearly identical conditions, I experienced a significant decrease in symptoms. My endurance was sustainable and core temps seemed manageable.

Drew Cole - MotoCross Athlete Advocate
Drew Cole – MotoCross Athlete Advocate

Meredith Dolhare – The Right Stuff USA – Athlete and Advocate

Meredith Dolhare - The Right Stuff - USA Advocate

Meredith Dolhare - The Right Stuff - USA Athlete

“Rarely if ever do I trust a product enough to try it for the first time in race conditions, but I had heard such great things about The Right Stuff by NASA that I decided to wing it for a very hot and humid 50-miler in my lead up to the BADWATER 135-mile Ultramarathon. Honestly, I felt like I could run through a brick wall the entire time, and ended up winning the race overall (in the women’s field) by a couple of hours! Then, I ingested a packet immediately post race and was ready to train again by Monday, and race another double marathon by the weekend even faster than the 50-miler on a harder course. The Right Stuff is amazing before, during and after training or racing for endurance and recovery. Take my word for it!”

Ultra-endurance athlete (Timex Multisport Team)

Completed 12 full Ironmans & 12 half Ironmans

Qualified for:
Powerman World Championships
USAT Long Course Worlds

Brazil 135-mile 
Rouge-Orleans 126.2

3 Ironmans in 3 Weeks:
France Ironman
Austria Ironman
Switzerland Ironman

Ultraman UK five weeks later 

2013 – qualified for:
Badwater 135-mile Ultramarathon (finished third) 
Furnace Creek 508-mile Bicycle Race (upcoming)

Meredith raises funds for Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and own non-profit RunningWorks (for the homeless and disadvantaged communities)
Running Works