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The Right Stuff Electrolyte Hydration additive plays an active role in the high performance of many athletes involved in competition, even during the winter months. The unique NASA-developed product works to maintain the athlete’s performance and assist them in their success. Here are a few great reviews from our Facebook page.

Blake Cox

After struggling through two seasons, fighting cramps and dehydration, I’ve finally found the best product on the market. The Right Stuff – NASA Developed Electrolyte Drink Additive has improved my performance and overall endurance, helping me take triathlon to the next level. With The Right Stuff, I train harder and reach deeper when I need it most in competition. Proud to be an Athlete Advocate for the best endurance product on the market.

Angie Squires Cole

Big thanks to The Right Stuff for helping me (Drew Cole) to a 5th place finish in the Lochloosa Enduro 2013. The event was a 65 mile woods race held August 18 near Gainesville FL. Due to the extremely wet conditions, every element but dust was on the course. Combined with a heat index of nearly 100 degrees…this was one hot, tough, mudder! As the race wore on, hydration and core temps were the least of my concerns. Thanks again to The Right Stuff…a significant competitive advantage.

Karen Kingsley

So — I’m not a triathlete or a marathoner or, for that matter, even much of a runner, although I do run. I run around a ring competing in agility with my dog. Like an awful lot of recreational agility competitors, I am a more-than-middle-aged woman who weighs too much. However, I do hike about 12-15 miles a week and train in agility and water with my dogs so I’m not a complete sloth.

What this means, though, is that I spend a lot of time outdoors all day in the heat, running sprints. Last year at Nationals (yes, we were good enough to qualify), it was hot. For four days, we essentially lived outdoors, running our dogs for a very speedy minute at a time, but walking them for miles in between, volunteering to work and score in between runs, which means sitting in the sun for hours.

I was one of the few of my friends who survived it without too much pain or dehydration because I used The Right Stuff a few times a day to make sure I was properly hydrated.

Every weekend in summer, there are, literally, hundreds, if not thousands, of competitions with people like me tempting fate in the heat. Another friend nearly died of heat stroke two months ago at an agility trial. Since then, I’ve been telling all my friends and they are interested.

Suzanne Skibinski

I had tons of trouble with cramping in heat and humidity last year, when I was training for my first full distance Ironman. A friend, who is also a Triathlon coach, recommended I try The Right Stuff. I did, and I haven’t had a single issue with cramping in hot/humid weather or on long brick workouts since. It has made training for my 2nd full Ironman a lot more enjoyable!!! This stuff is the best. And NO ONE paid me to say that!

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Don’t forget to Hydrate in the Winter months too! The Right Stuff®

With the colder months now here and winter fast approaching, its equally critical to remember the importance of remaining hydrated during this season’s high performance activities.

The human body needs to maintain its hydration levels to perform normal functions. The body loses fluids mostly by means of urination, sweat during high performance activities and breathing. Dehydration interferes with the body’s ability to maintain core temperature and can impact both the mental and physical aspects of performance.

While you may not be as sensitive to noticing it, the winter months can cause just as much of an impact on hydration as the summer months. Factors such as dry air, winds chill, sweating and even shivering contribute to a loss of fluids in the body, which need to be replaced.

As little as 2% decline in your hydration levels can lead to a significant (up to 10%) decrease in your athletic performance. The hydration additive developed by NASA replaces vital fluids in the body quicker than any other tested formula to maintain peak performance both during the season and during the training season.

Remember, as the holidays approach that such beverages as tea, coffee or soda, which contain caffeine, can act as a diuretic thus flushing vital fluid from the system and contributing to dehydration. Alcoholic beverages, so prevalent during the holiday system, can not only contribute to dehydration but also increase chances of hypothermia during training in the winter temperatures.

This winter season, make sure that you train to your peak efficiency, including remaining hydrated with The Right Stuff®, in order to remain the high performance athlete that you are.

For all of you who competed in your big, season ending race, congratulations on finishing strong!  The Right Stuff® was in Kona at the Ironman World Championships in October and we had the opportunity to see many inspiring performances. It was very hot and humid and the competitors made sure to properly dial in their nutrition requirements that included frequent hydration before, throughout and following the race.

The Right Stuff Introduces our Newest Athlete Advocate – Chance Warmack of the Tennessee Titans


NFL Tennessee Titans’ first-round draft pick and University of Alabama All-American, Chance Warmack has been relying on The Right Stuff® (from Wellness Brands Inc.) since his junior year when the electrolyte drink additive energized him during a game in the Florida Gators’ Swamp.

“It was so humid, and I was really concerned as to how I would sustain,” he recalls. “The Right Stuff really helps me make it through all four quarters. I noticed it helps me to relax more and gives me an extra boost during long plays and drives.”

Warmack, who signed a four-year, $12.2 million contract with the Titans in July, still depends on The Right Stuff for his pro career as an NFL Offensive Guard. He becomes the latest Athlete Advocate for the NASA-developed formula joining Walter Dix (Olympic Medal-winning Sprinter), Michael McDowell (NASCAR), Brent Morel (MLB), Megan Whiteside (Former World Snowboard Champion), Craig Evans (Pro Triathlete) among others.

“While preparing for the NFL draft combine, I continued to use The Right Stuff, and it worked wonders in assisting my preparation,” he says. “I would sweat a lot during practices and workouts, and more so while playing in games. I began using The Right Stuff and not only did it hydrate me but it also decreased the chances of my getting cramps.

“Now that I’m a professional for the Tennessee Titans, The Right Stuff is not only my exclusive product for hydration, but it is the absolute best out there.”

The Right Stuff formula, developed by NASA scientistDr. John Greenleaf and licensed to Wellness Brands Inc. of Boulder, Colo., was created to combat the severe symptoms of dehydration astronauts experience upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

The sugar-free, liquid concentrate – when added to water – delivers significantly more electrolytes, replacing the amount lost through sweat from heat or rigorous exercise lasting over an hour.

“The Right Stuff is serious hydration for serious athletes,” says Wellness Brands CEO David Belaga, adding that the no-nonsense performance aid is not a substitute for other sports drinks used by ordinary exercisers.

It’s now available and being used here on Earth by professional, college, high school and Olympic athletes as well as industrial workers, military personnel and firefighters who perform hot, strenuous tasks. “The Right Stuff is the best product out there for energy boost and hydration,” Warmack says. “I highly recommend everyone give it a shot when participating in competitive sports – college, pro and Olympic – for training and game day.”

Based on numerous published studies, the formula is far superior for 1) combating dehydration symptoms (cramps, headaches, muscle fatigue, light-headedness etc.) and 2) improving core thermal regulation which means it helps protect the body from overheating, as well as 3) increasing endurance by over 20 percent more than any other NASA-tested formula.

“Also, it is a great aid for jet lag, altitude sickness and even for relief from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption,” Belaga says.

Boulder, Colorado based Wellness Brands Inc., introduced The Right Stuff® in 2009 upon receipt of the exclusive NASA license. The NASA-developed hydration technology is marketed throughout the US and internationally.the-right-stuff-football-advocates-chance-warmack-1

Drew Cole – Motocross – The Right Stuff Athlete Advocate

I have had the opportunity to evaluate the free samples, received through Hookit…and was very happy with the results. My evaluation consisted of 4 days of 4-6 hours of single track and motocross riding in 94-96 degree heat (Durhamtown, GA), in full motocross racing gear. Needless to say, heavy sweating, dehydration and overheating is the norm. On day one, I drank pure coconut water in my hydration pack and suffered from dehydration towards the end of my ride (primarily fatigue & overheating with minor chills). Over the next 2 days, I mixed two pouches of the citrus blend with 3-4, 16 oz bottles of water in my hydration pack. After the exact same rides in nearly identical conditions, I experienced a significant decrease in symptoms. My endurance was sustainable and core temps seemed manageable.

Drew Cole - MotoCross Athlete Advocate
Drew Cole – MotoCross Athlete Advocate

The Right Stuff – USA

So this is David Belaga talking to you from Kansas City at the CSCCA Convention about The Right Stuff which is a NASA hydration formula. It was developed because the astronauts suffered severe dehydration when they come back into the gravity of earth and as NASA likes to do they spent over a decade conducting dozens of clinical studies to refine and optimize the formula and the resulting formula, The Right Stuff, significantly outperformed every other product tested in three critical ways:
1. It does a much better job fighting the symptoms of dehydration via cramps, headaches, muscle fatigue, ect.
2. It was also shown to improve core thermo-regulation. So it protects the body from overheating both in times of high exertion and in high heat settings.
3. And then it was also shown to imcrease athletic endurance by over 20% more than any other product tested by NASA so you aren’t talking small increments, you’re talking significant improvments.
For more information, go to

Scott Tietzel – Pro Cyclist – On The Right Stuff

Pro Cyclist (Team Specialized), 2011 Leadville 100; 11-place finish overall and #1 finish in age group 20-29

Scott Tietzel, pro cyclist, has raced in the “Bailey Hundo” competition. A 100 mi race designed for endurance cyclist with 12,740 ft of climbing terrain.
On June 16 2012, Scott set a course record of 6 hrs 28:55 minutes.


One of the main issues I had with endurance cycling was cramping and so the high sodium content / electrolyte balance really was a great advantage for me.

I use it before to prehydrate before a big event. I’ll do that the day before, the morning before an event, then I will also use it during an event. If I have a long race, I will get bottles at the feed zone so that I am hydrating during an event and then after a big effort, six or seven hours on the bike. Even if you are drinking as much as you can you are going to be dehydrated, so I use The Right Stuff afterwards as well.

Last year in Leadville, five hours into the race I was really starting to hit the wall and I had a bottle with The Right Stuff in there and I was able to finish up strong and I was actually able to pass up some guys that were in the same spot that I was earlier and without a doubt it was because of The Right Stuff.

The Right Stuff – NASA Tested, Athlete Approved

In 2009, when the NASA-developed hydration drink additive, The Right Stuff® was first introduced for endurance athletes; there were sceptics who did not foresee market success.  For example, according to the editors from Popular Science magazine, “Coming out with a product whose only market is already dominated by Gatorade® does not sound like the beginnings of a successful business venture.”  But the market has proven otherwise as The Right Stuff® continues to grow rapidly year after year.
We are pleased to continually demonstrate the success of The Right Stuff as a hydration additive for performance athletes. The Right Stuff will soon begin its 5th year on the market and is the exclusive provider for hydration needs of high performance athletes such as

Athletes such as these and many others have found The Right Stuff makes a noticeable, positive impact on their performance. “Companies always claim they sell the best product, but after training here on our local trails, we realized how big of an impact The Right Stuff has on our bodies.” – Texas A&M International (TAMIU) Cycling Club

Since its introduction to the public, The Right Stuff has continued to work to improve the product’s flavors for the athletes who depend on The Right Stuff for their hydration needs. The Right Stuff® recently introduced a new Orange Tangerine flavor that is especially well-liked among the power athletes (e.g., Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey etc.)
We invite you to visit us at to learn more.   Or, contact us at or call 720-684-6584

Open Call for New Athlete Advocates for The Right Stuff® from NASA


With the spring season here, The Right Stuff is focused more than ever on providing for the hydration needs of high performance athletes. Our commitment is to Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes!  And, athletes all over the world are realizing the great benefits from the NASA-developed hydration formula.

  • Do you regularly use The Right Stuff?
  • Are you passionate about recommending The Right Stuff® as THE hydration solution for your fellow athletes?

If you answered yes to either question then The Right Stuff would like to invite you to be considered to become one of our select Athlete Advocates.

  • What does an Athlete Advocate do?

Our Athlete Advocates help spread the word about the NASA-developed hydration formula.  They keep the general sports world up to date about their sport’s progress and how The Right Stuff helps optimize their performance as they train and compete.  They also share their stories through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

  • Do I have to be a professional athlete to represent The Right Stuff?

No you do not. Our Advocates range from pros to Olympians to college athletes to age groupers. The goal is to make serious athletes aware of the NASA-developed formula to help them take their performance to the next gear and maintain that level.

    • How do I apply

You may either go online to the following link:
Or contact us at:

Hydration For Winter Athletes

Is it necessary to hydrate in the wintertime? When most people think of hydration, summertime is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Those hot, sweaty months filled with ice tea and lemonade. For a high performance athlete, summertime can mean training under a hot sun and the constant advice from coaches and health blogs to stay hydrated.

But it is equally important to stay hyrated during the cold months for two very good reasons. Staying hydrated, especially for a high performance athlete, is important as the body is pushed to the next level of performance. Dehydration can cause cramps, loss of coordination and exhaustion which can have a huge impact on performance. Cold weather can cause blood vessels to constrict in the cold to conserve heat and maintain body temperature which can increase blood pressure. The body’s response is to create more urine to alieve the pressure which means greater loss of fluid and greater risk of dehydration.

As well, when performing at a high level in the cold weather, athletes are required to wear additional layers of clothing. This raises our body temperatures and causes our bodies to sweat even more to cool the body down. High performance winter sports such as downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing requires additional hydration.

The Right Stuff hydration additive is a great source for remaining hydrated in the wintertime. To learn more, visit us at

2009 World Snowboard Champion Megan Whiteside on The Right Stuff

2009 World Snowboard Champion Megan Whiteside on The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff hydration additive is used by high performance athletes of many different athletic forums. From ultra running to baseball to football, The Right Stuff has assisted high performance athletes in maintaining their peak performance in order to rise above dehydration.

The Right Stuff is proud to add Megan Whiteside, 2009 World Snowboard Champion, as our latest Athlete Advocate.

2009 World Snowboard Champion
Megan Whiteside
– on The Right Stuff

-The Right Stuff is an innovative new approach to fighting dehydration while I’m on the hill, and helps me to keep performing at my best-

2009 World Snowboard Champion – Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival Big Air Competition.  Competes in various international big air contests including the Dew Tour and the Burton Global Open Series, with multiple podium finishes.