What Can This NASCAR Driver Teach You About Optimal Hydration?

Michael Mcdowell - The Right StuffAfter racecar driver Michael McDowell switched to NASCAR from sports cars and Indy cars in 2007, he suffered extreme dehydration on a track in Virginia and went looking for a solution.

“I was doing a lot of research and trying to find out how to stay hydrated,” says McDowell, a Phoenix-area native who moved to Charlotte in 2004. “At the time, I was losing anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds per race of water during the race itself. I was trying to figure out a way to stay hydrated. You’re in the car four or five hours. It’s 110 to 130 degrees inside the car. Obviously, in our sport, hydration is key.”

When driving around the track at over 150 mph, reaction time is critical. Proper hydration is essential to maintain that continuous, nearly instantaneous response timing.

He first learned about The Right Stuff® when he was at an event with former NASA Space Shuttle Pilot Bill Gregory who uses it for his endurance training. Bill is an enthusiastic user of The Right Stuff who even joined the Board of Wellness Brands, makers of The Right Stuff. Since McDowell found The Right Stuff three years ago, he has cut his water consumption during races by half, from 64 to 32 ounces.

The Advantage

“I feel like it gives me an advantage,” he says. “During the race weekends, I will take it within an hour leading up to the race. Then, in the middle of the race I’ll take one as well. I just mix it in the water and have it in the car with me. It works well. One of the main reasons I continue to use it is because I simply don’t lose as much water throughout the event, so I don’t have to rehydrate as much. I’m not losing as much, which is ideal for me.”

One of the main reasons I continue to use it is because I simply don’t lose as much water throughout the event, so I don’t have to rehydrate as much

McDowell also turns to The Right Stuff when he’s involved in other sweaty sports, such as when he competes in triathlons.

“For me, I take it when I know I’m going to do something that’s going to be extreme and long-lasting,” he says. “I use it for all of those extreme conditions.”

The Right Stuff – USA

So this is David Belaga talking to you from Kansas City at the CSCCA Convention about The Right Stuff which is a NASA hydration formula. It was developed because the astronauts suffered severe dehydration when they come back into the gravity of earth and as NASA likes to do they spent over a decade conducting dozens of clinical studies to refine and optimize the formula and the resulting formula, The Right Stuff, significantly outperformed every other product tested in three critical ways:
1. It does a much better job fighting the symptoms of dehydration via cramps, headaches, muscle fatigue, ect.
2. It was also shown to improve core thermo-regulation. So it protects the body from overheating both in times of high exertion and in high heat settings.
3. And then it was also shown to imcrease athletic endurance by over 20% more than any other product tested by NASA so you aren’t talking small increments, you’re talking significant improvments.
For more information, go to www.therightstuff-usa.com.

Scott Tietzel – Pro Cyclist – On The Right Stuff

Pro Cyclist (Team Specialized), 2011 Leadville 100; 11-place finish overall and #1 finish in age group 20-29

Scott Tietzel, pro cyclist, has raced in the “Bailey Hundo” competition. A 100 mi race designed for endurance cyclist with 12,740 ft of climbing terrain.
On June 16 2012, Scott set a course record of 6 hrs 28:55 minutes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh_HjP1PcNA]

One of the main issues I had with endurance cycling was cramping and so the high sodium content / electrolyte balance really was a great advantage for me.

I use it before to prehydrate before a big event. I’ll do that the day before, the morning before an event, then I will also use it during an event. If I have a long race, I will get bottles at the feed zone so that I am hydrating during an event and then after a big effort, six or seven hours on the bike. Even if you are drinking as much as you can you are going to be dehydrated, so I use The Right Stuff afterwards as well.

Last year in Leadville, five hours into the race I was really starting to hit the wall and I had a bottle with The Right Stuff in there and I was able to finish up strong and I was actually able to pass up some guys that were in the same spot that I was earlier and without a doubt it was because of The Right Stuff.

The Right Stuff – NASA Tested, Athlete Approved

In 2009, when the NASA-developed hydration drink additive, The Right Stuff® was first introduced for endurance athletes; there were sceptics who did not foresee market success.  For example, according to the editors from Popular Science magazine, “Coming out with a product whose only market is already dominated by Gatorade® does not sound like the beginnings of a successful business venture.”  But the market has proven otherwise as The Right Stuff® continues to grow rapidly year after year.
We are pleased to continually demonstrate the success of The Right Stuff as a hydration additive for performance athletes. The Right Stuff will soon begin its 5th year on the market and is the exclusive provider for hydration needs of high performance athletes such as

Athletes such as these and many others have found The Right Stuff makes a noticeable, positive impact on their performance. “Companies always claim they sell the best product, but after training here on our local trails, we realized how big of an impact The Right Stuff has on our bodies.” – Texas A&M International (TAMIU) Cycling Club

Since its introduction to the public, The Right Stuff has continued to work to improve the product’s flavors for the athletes who depend on The Right Stuff for their hydration needs. The Right Stuff® recently introduced a new Orange Tangerine flavor that is especially well-liked among the power athletes (e.g., Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey etc.)
We invite you to visit us at www.therightstuff-usa.com to learn more.   Or, contact us at custsvc@wellness-brands.com or call 720-684-6584
2009 World Snowboard Champion Megan Whiteside on The Right Stuff

2009 World Snowboard Champion Megan Whiteside on The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff hydration additive is used by high performance athletes of many different athletic forums. From ultra running to baseball to football, The Right Stuff has assisted high performance athletes in maintaining their peak performance in order to rise above dehydration.

The Right Stuff is proud to add Megan Whiteside, 2009 World Snowboard Champion, as our latest Athlete Advocate.

2009 World Snowboard Champion
Megan Whiteside
– on The Right Stuff

-The Right Stuff is an innovative new approach to fighting dehydration while I’m on the hill, and helps me to keep performing at my best-

2009 World Snowboard Champion – Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival Big Air Competition.  Competes in various international big air contests including the Dew Tour and the Burton Global Open Series, with multiple podium finishes.