I am 70 years old and I am a cyclist and a tennis player. I love both sports with a passion. I average roughly 100 miles a week cycling and The Right Stuff has helped me with endurance and fatigue. I can’t wait for the summer to see what it does for me, “the ultimate test”

Thanks, for making such a good product, I am a believer.!!!

Roger EstradaCyclist and Tennis Player

If you are an athlete, you need to be using The Right Stuff. As a former college athlete, we did not have the educational resources to learn about the importance of hydration. Since I started using The Right Stuff, I have noticed an incredible difference in performance and specifically recovery. I have been catching in the same baseball tournament every year since I was 21. Only since I started using The Right Stuff have I been able to catch all six games in a four day span. This product has allowed me to continue to play baseball and other sports at a high level and I encourage every coach out there to give The Right Stuff a try. If you are not using The Right Stuff, you are definitely missing out!

Andrew RussoCanisius College '11

We first used The Right Stuff for a race out in Colorado in the 2012 Webe Off Road Motorcycle Series. Due to the nature of the sport and the extreme exertion, dehydration and muscle fatigue result; especially during 2-hour plus endurance races combined with summer heat. We have been looking for a product that minimizes those effects. The Right Stuff is most definitely the first product that our riders have used that enabled us to ride at our peak performance over the entire 2-hour race. We also found that by taking the Right Stuff after the event we all felt amazing the next day and did not suffer from post dehydration or muscle fatigue.

Team Topar Racing
Competes in AMRA, D37, WEST CHEC and WEBE Off-Road Harescramble and Enduro Championship Series

I have tested The Right Stuff (TRS) in 98 degree heat with 90% humidity, full off-road racing gear, in a 2+ hr. non-stop endurance race. I used a baseline of equivalent products that also included pure coconut water, adding sodium. It was evident that TRS clearly outperformed all substitutes in hydration and core temperature balance. Within the endurance racing scene, TRS is a significant competitive advantage.



Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

Drew Cole - Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

I was introduced to The Right Stuff during my quest to conquer the Leadville Leadman series in 2009. I used it during the 50 mile mountain bike ride and was pleasantly surprised of not only the light taste but the effectiveness of delivery. Being a liquid, it is simple to drop into a bottle or camelbak. This is crucial for me because I have a high sweat rate and need around 1000-1200 milligrams of sodium per hour. The Right Stuff has been a staple in my Leadville 100 trail run training for 2010. I put it in my bottles of water but also carry the vials with me in my waist pack for water stops. The liquid delivery system is quick, easy and most importantly, it allows me to take the guesswork out of my sodium needs. I align The Right Stuff use with my hourly fluid intake and don’t have to worry about popping or carrying pills.

Thanks Right Stuff. This is just what this ultrarunner, triathlete and sport dietitian needs to strive for optimal performance!

Bob Seebohar - Sport Dietitian

Bicycled the Corpus Christi Conquer the Coast, 70 miles over 5 bridges in hot, humid, and windy coastal charity ride. Sipped the product (The Right Stuff) and was totally amazed by the continuous energy levels, no lactic issues, and no post ride soreness. A Great and Simple Product. Just pour in water bottle, drink and exercise.

Shawn De La Garza - Road Cyclist

The Right Stuff was great in Spain! I was spending 4-8 hours in the saddle in 90-103 degree heat and had no cramping or dehydration. I am a believer and a convert!

Ed Schultz - Bike Geek

Companies always claim they sell the best product, but after training here on our local trails, we realized how big of an impact The Right Stuff had on our body. We are a South Texas team, where temperatures range from 90- 110 Degrees on an average day. The Right Stuff helped our bodies recover extremely fast, and avoid the headaches gotten after riding on extreme weather. We highly recommend you use The Right Stuff during and after you ride!

I used The Right Stuff during my very first triathlon and noticed a marked improvement with my hydration level and overall endurance. Thanks for the great product!

Lisa Bell - Triathlete, Age Grouper

I tried The Right Stuff yesterday and wanted to give you some feedback.

I took the unflavored one in 16 oz water before an 8 mile run and then another 16oz with the citrus flavor during the run. Both went down well with no negative effects. I felt well hydrated during the whole run and none of the heavy leg syndrome or muscle fatigue I normally would feel on a run of this length. I felt fine this morning and had fresh legs for a good swim set.
Based on this first experience, I’m going to introduce The Right Stuff into my hydration plan for an Olympic distance triathlon this coming Sunday.

So far, so good. Every event in which I competed this year versus last year, I’ve improved my times. Some a little, some a lot. Sunday will be the real test!!

Bob Dixon - Triathlete, Age Grouper