I have been on the road, running for a while and I have an extensive list of titles and records. I am a bi-worldchampion of 100k. I am also champion and recordists of the Badwater race in the Death Valley; among other victories including Spartathon (Greece) and Summer and Winter Beast of 100 miles in Buffalo. Using The Right Stuff in competitions helps me with endurance, and I also feel less tired. In addition, I feel like my muscles have more energy and function better during races because The Right Stuff keeps me hydrated.

* 2-time champion 100km (62mi) – North America and Europe
* World Record in World Championship 100km (Netherlands) – 6h18m09s
* Champion of Spartathlon – Greece 246km (153mi)
* Course Record Holder of Badwater Ultra – 217km (135 miles) – 22h51m29s
* 24 Hours in Taiwan – 273km828m (170.1mi) on track

Valmir Nunes - Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

I have used The Right Stuff for several months now, been using it with my clients as a coach, and have found the product to be worthy of being called The Right Stuff. My endurance stays higher longer, and my hydration needs are minimized, depending on the volume or duration. What I was particularily pleased about, is that my recovery was shorter, cleaner, and my ability to respond at the next workout the next day was exceptionally strong. As a coach, I am pleased with the results. In sampling it to my clients, and the knowledge that the impact will give podiums, stronger finishes, and not just talk. It is not just worth a try, it is worth the season.

Bill Floyd

Rarely if ever do I trust a product enough to try it for the first time in race conditions, but I had heard such great things about The Right Stuff by NASA that I decided to wing it for a very hot and humid 50-miler in my lead up to the BADWATER 135-mile Ultramarathon. Honestly, I felt like I could run through a brick wall the entire time, and ended up winning the race overall (in the women’s field) by a couple of hours! Then, I ingested a packet immediately post race and was ready to train again by Monday, and race another double marathon by the weekend even faster than the 50-miler on a harder course.

The Right Stuff is amazing before, during and after training or racing for endurance and recovery. Take my word for it!

Meridith Dolhare

When I get strapped behind the wheel of my NASCAR vehicle that reaches over 200 mph, I need to be alert and on top of my game constantly. Hydration is a huge part of our sport and with temperatures well above 120 degrees inside the race car, preventing dehydration can be very difficult. I lose up to 10 lbs over the period of a 500 mile race. The Right Stuff is the first hydration product that I have used that keeps me at peak performance through out the entire race. I use The Right Stuff before, during and especially after to help me recover.

Michael McDowell