I love The Right Stuff. At first it was a little strong tasting for me, but I just diluted it with more water and it works wonderfully. I’ve carried it now on 4 long runs. I even took some with me to Arkansas last week where it proved it’s weight in gold on a 90 degree, 70% humidity run. Good stuff.

Christy LaVanway - Triathlete, Age Grouper

To my complete surprise and excitement, I placed first in my age group and qualified to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. This was especially shocking since I had strained my intracostal muscles just 4 weeks prior, lost 2 weeks of training in the pool, was limited with intensity in my biking and running since I could not fully expand my lungs and had limited range of motion, and was not sure if I would even be able to race. A week prior to race day, I decided to participate and use it as a training day, just doing the best I could based on how I felt.

On race day, I had no issues whatsoever with cramping or dehydration as I have had in previous races. The Right Stuff will continue to be an integral part of my training and racing based on the great results I’ve had. I’ll be ordering more soon, especially since I’ve been sharing it with friends who are curious to know what I used to help fuel and hydrate me during the race. Thank you again for such a powerful product!

Amy Larson - Age Grouper - Triathlete

I found my “cure”. I’ve had cramping problems related to dehydration during my last couple Adventure Races as well as the 2010 Leadville Trail 100. I have focused on my diet but I’ve noticed the greatest improvement with using “The Right Stuff”. I’m sold on it and will recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thanks!

Trenton Thompson - Adventure Racer

I know you heard this before, but it’s worth repeating. The “The Right Stuff” is “some great stuff!” I’ve been able to play golf in hundred degree heat here in Houston, Texas. No cramps or lightheadedness since I started taking The Right Stuff. I just ordered a case to get me through the rest of the summer. Thanks alot.

Elmer Benhardt

For years I have been searching for a product to successfully battle the July and August conditions on the baseball field. I finally found that product and have never felt better. Thank you The Right Stuff!

Brent Morel - MLB player - Chicago White Sox Third Base

I used The Right Stuff for the Leadville Trail 100 this year, and had the strongest final 25 miles ever. It really allows you to focus purely on your athletic performance without being brought down by the common feelings of dehydration and depletion in a long endurance event. I expect to start using it on longer training rides as well to allow me to push myself harder than before. This product is different from anything else I have tried.

Jerry Hency - 5 time Leadville 100 finisher

I absolutely love The Right Stuff! I ran a race in the Sahara Desert (a 6-day foot race through the desert carrying a backpack with all my supplies. Each day was at least 25 miles.) & I used The Right Stuff. I had perfect hydration through the race. I never got dehydrated even in that heat (110 – 120 degrees). I… had no cramping, no nausea, no stomach problems & no swelling like many others in the race. I had to drop out after day 3 due to severe blisters & an infection in my toe. I am going back in 2011 & will definitely have The Right Stuff with me again!

Patty Denoncourt

I just completed the 3000 mile Race Across America (RAAM) in 9 days 7 hours, placed 4th overall and won the rookie of the year award. I followed a very strict liquid diet for the whole race. For RAAM and any other ultra-endurance race, hydration is fundamental since not hydrating well could make have an early exit from any event. You hear stories every year of racers, specially rookies(raam first timers) running into trouble in the dessert the first day of the race.Since this was my rookie year in RAAM the desert worry me ,so what i did to stay hydrated was add the right stuff water to my regular water bottle and also add it to the liquid food that i was consuming , I was using water with the right stuff and my liquid food only, never did i have other drinks but this two, so this two were my only sources of energy for the entire race the right stuff water and Spiz. I had some problems during RAAM with my neck,feet, hands and butt, but my hydration and nutrition was very good, i plan on using the same hydration routine that i used this year during raam in my next 2012 assault on the race and during my preparation for RAAM next year aslo.The right stuff water it’s the right way to go.

Albert Blanco - 2011 RAAM Rookie of the year

I have run a total of 27 marathons and always had issues when the temperatures got over 60°. I used your product for the first time during the LA marathon in March and had my best time in over 2 years. I used The Right Stuff again at the Boston Marathon this week where it was 86° when I finished in downtown Boston. I ran a negative split, had zero cramping during or after the race and passed about 5000 runners during the race. I started with a mixed bottle of product at the start. I topped off the bottle at the aid stations and added another serving of the concentrate at the half. You can check my splits for LA and Boston on the websites and compare them to my results from San Antonio last year when I was not using your product. Simply amazing stuff. I will not run again without “The Right Stuff”.

Mark Niblo - Marathoner

When you’re running in some of the harshest, hottest conditions on the planet it is essential to stay hydrated. My coach and sports dietitian Bob Seebohar introduced me to The Right Stuff after I completed the Atacama Desert. Somewhere during that race I miscalculated how many capsules of electrolytes I had consumed resulting in a very negative response…dehydration. The Right Stuff was literally a game changer for me. Not only did it keep me hydrated, without cramps and more energy, it took the mind game out of the equation. I was literally freed up to concentrate on the trail ahead of me just adding a serving into my water bottles at each check point. The Right Stuff is always a part of my kit no matter what race I’m entered into. I have and will continue to promote the benefits of The Right Stuff to anyone who’ll listen to me. So, send me to the first race on the moon and The Right Stuff will be there with me!!

Linda Quirk - Ultra runner