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Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes


Chris Jones, Director of Sports Medicine, Universi...

Chris Jones is Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Richmond, with 400 student-athletes and a staff of 12 Certified Athletic Trainers. In the […]

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Ironman Triathlete Coaches with Passion

Julie Dunkle, who focused on swimming in her youth, learned to be a triathlete more than a decade ago, when a running injury led her […]

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Athlete and Sports Dietitian Practices and Lives W...

Sandy, Utah native Heidi Strickler was planning to major in Physical Therapy when she went to Seattle Pacific University on a soccer scholarship, but she […]

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A Different Perspective for Athletes to Consider: ...

Distance runner Gary Reinl’s meticulous reporting destroyed the long-held practice of rest and ice for healing injuries, restoring the natural course of healing by the […]

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Ultra-Runner Shares How She Wins at Everything!

After a stellar career in high school and college tennis, a busy married life with two young children, a newspaper column on fitness and a […]

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Sportscar Racer Shares His Success Formula

Dave Goree’s father sold his race car when Dave was born but quickly returned to the sport – the two were working on race cars […]

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Pro Tennis Player Saves Himself from Dehydration a...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tim Kpulun was wilting in the Florida heat and humidity, about to run out of energy in the four-hour match, out of […]

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Word-Record Holder, Ultra-Distance Runner Shares H...

Valmir Nunes has been running ultra-distance races [Editor Note: Ultra-distance races are longer than 26-mile marathons, typically 50-100 miles and longer] for nearly half his […]

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