Chris Jones, Director of Sports Medicine, University of Richmond

Chris Jones is Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Richmond, with 400 student-athletes and a staff of 12 Certified Athletic Trainers. In the heat and humidity of the Southern city, they turn to NASA-developed The Right Stuff to hydrate and combat cramping.

Hydration and salt replacement

“We use The Right Stuff as part of our hydration plan here,” Jones says. “Of all the different products that we use, we found that The Right Stuff has been the most effective at reducing that exercise-induced muscular cramping. Especially with our equipment-intensive sports, you can have larger athletes lose 10 or 12 pounds in a game, so we use The Right Stuff as a hydration product to hydrate them and to replace especially that salt that they lose in sweating.”

Asked for by name

Students need no encouragement to reach for the solution.

“One of the things I think is a telltale sign, besides the science behind it, really is that the student-athletes request it,” Jones says. “It’s part of their pregame ritual in terms of using The Right Stuff to help their performance out on the field. The biggest selling point really is how much student-athletes request it. They believe in it, which shows the effectiveness of the product.”

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Chris Jones