Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes

Adam Travis - Ultra Runner

I run ultra marathons.  On my longer efforts I have used The Right Stuff four or five times now and I feel like I have gained a lot of nutritional benefits. Especially being so hot right now. I love the product!

William Grotenrath - Former Kinesiology Teacher and Strength Coach

I sent samples to my nephew who lives in Los Angeles who in turn purchased your product for his mother, my sister. My sister is 94 years old and was suffering from dehydration and one time had to go to the hospital for an IV because she was dehydrated. I am a retired Kinesiology teacher who worked as a strength coach for many football teams. Since my sister has started using your product she has not been dehydrated and is doing well. Once again I wish to thank you for your rapid response and for your interest and concern regarding how to stop dehydration.  I have informed a few other strength coaches about your product and I hope they will start using the Right Stuff because it really works.

Jack Bailey - Ultra Runner

I was able to test The Right Stuff in both training and in the UTMB Speedgoat 50K out in the Wasatch mountains. It was at least 90 F that day and I initially tried the electrolyte drink supplied by the race, but felt I needed something with greater sodium content. I had two packets of the Right Stuff with me, and used both of them for the last half of the race. As soon as I consumed it, I could feel the difference, and was very pleased with the way it worked. My next big race is in September at the Grindstone 100 miler. I will definitely be using the Right Stuff for that one also!

Julie Thelen - NE

We encourage using The Right Stuff for work.  The Right Stuff is not purchased for a sport.  We are in irrigation and sick or down time is not good.  Our work and getting customers up and running quickly is important.  We encourage all of our employees to use The Right Stuff when they feel the heat getting to them or if they feel dehydrated.  We love The Right Stuff and keep it stocked in all our emergency kits.  I buy for a bunch of people and they have their own flavor preferences.

Amy Wasson - MN

The Right Stuff is a huge help on my long runs in hot weather.  I sweat a lot and will get dizzy and overheated.  That doesn’t happen with The Right Stuff.  The Right Stuff provides immediate relief from over-sweating, so I can go longer in hot weather.

Linda Quirk - Ultra Runner

When you're running in some of the harshest, hottest conditions on the planet it is essential to stay hydrated. My coach and sports dietitian Bob Seebohar introduced me to The Right Stuff after I completed the Atacama Desert. Somewhere during that race I miscalculated how many capsules of electrolytes I had consumed resulting in a very negative response…dehydration. The Right Stuff was literally a game changer for me. Not only did it keep me hydrated, without cramps and more energy, it took the mind game out of the equation. I was literally freed up to concentrate on the trail ahead of me just adding a serving into my water bottles at each check point. The Right Stuff is always a part of my kit no matter what race I'm entered into. I have and will continue to promote the benefits of The Right Stuff to anyone who’ll listen to me. So, send me to the first race on the moon and The Right Stuff will be there with me!!

Michael McDowell - Driver for both NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series

When I get strapped behind the wheel of my NASCAR vehicle that reaches over 200 mph, I need to be alert and on top of my game constantly. Hydration is a huge part of our sport and with temperatures well above 120 degrees inside the race car, preventing dehydration can be very difficult. I lose up to 10 lbs over the period of a 500 mile race. The Right Stuff is the first hydration product that I have used that keeps me at peak performance through out the entire race. I use The Right Stuff before, during and especially after to help me recover.

Amy Larson - Age Grouper - Triathlete

To my complete surprise and excitement, I placed first in my age group and qualified to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. This was especially shocking since I had strained my intracostal muscles just 4 weeks prior, lost 2 weeks of training in the pool, was limited with intensity in my biking and running since I could not fully expand my lungs and had limited range of motion, and was not sure if I would even be able to race. A week prior to race day, I decided to participate and use it as a training day, just doing the best I could based on how I felt.

On race day, I had no issues whatsoever with cramping or dehydration as I have had in previous races. The Right Stuff will continue to be an integral part of my training and racing based on the great results I’ve had. I’ll be ordering more soon, especially since I’ve been sharing it with friends who are curious to know what I used to help fuel and hydrate me during the race. Thank you again for such a powerful product

Christy LaVanway - Triathlete, Age Grouper

I love The Right Stuff. At first it was a little strong tasting for me, but I just diluted it with more water and it works wonderfully. I’ve carried it now on 4 long runs. I even took some with me to Arkansas last week where it proved it’s weight in gold on a 90 degree, 70% humidity run. Good stuff.

Roger Estrada

I am 70 years old and I am a cyclist and a tennis player. I love both sports with a passion. I average roughly 100 miles a week cycling and The Right Stuff has helped me with endurance and fatigue. I can’t wait for the summer to see what it does for me, “the ultimate test”

Thanks, for making such a good product, I am a believer.!!!

Andrew Russo

If you are an athlete, you need to be using The Right Stuff. As a former college athlete, we did not have the educational resources to learn about the importance of hydration. Since I started using The Right Stuff, I have noticed an incredible difference in performance and specifically recovery. I have been catching in the same baseball tournament every year since I was 21. Only since I started using The Right Stuff have I been able to catch all six games in a four day span. This product has allowed me to continue to play baseball and other sports at a high level and I encourage every coach out there to give The Right Stuff a try. If you are not using The Right Stuff, you are definitely missing out!

Drew Cole - Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

I have tested The Right Stuff (TRS) in 98 degree heat with 90% humidity, full off-road racing gear, in a 2+ hr. non-stop endurance race. I used a baseline of equivalent products that also included pure coconut water, adding sodium. It was evident that TRS clearly outperformed all substitutes in hydration and core temperature balance. Within the endurance racing scene, TRS is a significant competitive advantage.



Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

Bob Seebohar - Sport Dietitian

I was introduced to The Right Stuff during my quest to conquer the Leadville Leadman series in 2009. I used it during the 50 mile mountain bike ride and was pleasantly surprised of not only the light taste but the effectiveness of delivery. Being a liquid, it is simple to drop into a bottle or camelbak. This is crucial for me because I have a high sweat rate and need around 1000-1200 milligrams of sodium per hour. The Right Stuff has been a staple in my Leadville 100 trail run training for 2010. I put it in my bottles of water but also carry the vials with me in my waist pack for water stops. The liquid delivery system is quick, easy and most importantly, it allows me to take the guesswork out of my sodium needs. I align The Right Stuff use with my hourly fluid intake and don't have to worry about popping or carrying pills.

Thanks Right Stuff. This is just what this ultrarunner, triathlete and sport dietitian needs to strive for optimal performance!

Shawn De La Garza - Road Cyclist

Bicycled the Corpus Christi Conquer the Coast, 70 miles over 5 bridges in hot, humid, and windy coastal charity ride. Sipped the product (The Right Stuff) and was totally amazed by the continuous energy levels, no lactic issues, and no post ride soreness. A Great and Simple Product. Just pour in water bottle, drink and exercise.

Ed Schultz - Bike Geek

The Right Stuff was great in Spain! I was spending 4-8 hours in the saddle in 90-103 degree heat and had no cramping or dehydration. I am a believer and a convert!

Texas A&M International Cycling Club

Companies always claim they sell the best product, but after training here on our local trails, we realized how big of an impact The Right Stuff had on our body. We are a South Texas team, where temperatures range from 90- 110 Degrees on an average day. The Right Stuff helped our bodies recover extremely fast, and avoid the headaches gotten after riding on extreme weather. We highly recommend you use The Right Stuff during and after you ride!

Lisa Bell - Triathlete, Age Grouper

I used The Right Stuff during my very first triathlon and noticed a marked improvement with my hydration level and overall endurance. Thanks for the great product!

Team Topar Racing

We first used The Right Stuff for a race out in Colorado in the 2012 Webe Off Road Motorcycle Series. Due to the nature of the sport and the extreme exertion, dehydration and muscle fatigue result; especially during 2-hour plus endurance races combined with summer heat. We have been looking for a product that minimizes those effects. The Right Stuff is most definitely the first product that our riders have used that enabled us to ride at our peak performance over the entire 2-hour race. We also found that by taking the Right Stuff after the event we all felt amazing the next day and did not suffer from post dehydration or muscle fatigue.


Team Topar Racing
Competes in AMRA, D37, WEST CHEC and WEBE Off-Road Harescramble and Enduro Championship Series

Bob Dixon - Triathlete, Age Grouper

I tried The Right Stuff yesterday and wanted to give you some feedback.

I took the unflavored one in 16 oz water before an 8 mile run and then another 16oz with the citrus flavor during the run. Both went down well with no negative effects. I felt well hydrated during the whole run and none of the heavy leg syndrome or muscle fatigue I normally would feel on a run of this length. I felt fine this morning and had fresh legs for a good swim set.
Based on this first experience, I'm going to introduce The Right Stuff into my hydration plan for an Olympic distance triathlon this coming Sunday.

So far, so good. Every event in which I competed this year versus last year, I've improved my times. Some a little, some a lot. Sunday will be the real test!!

Trenton Thompson - Adventure Racer

I found my "cure". I've had cramping problems related to dehydration during my last couple Adventure Races as well as the 2010 Leadville Trail 100. I have focused on my diet but I've noticed the greatest improvement with using "The Right Stuff". I'm sold on it and will recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thanks!

Elmer Benhardt

I know you heard this before, but it's worth repeating. The "The Right Stuff" is "some great stuff!" I've been able to play golf in hundred degree heat here in Houston, Texas. No cramps or lightheadedness since I started taking The Right Stuff. I just ordered a case to get me through the rest of the summer. Thanks alot.

Brent Morel - MLB player - Chicago White Sox Third Base

For years I have been searching for a product to successfully battle the July and August conditions on the baseball field. I finally found that product and have never felt better. Thank you The Right Stuff!

Jerry Hency - 5 time Leadville 100 finisher

I used The Right Stuff for the Leadville Trail 100 this year, and had the strongest final 25 miles ever. It really allows you to focus purely on your athletic performance without being brought down by the common feelings of dehydration and depletion in a long endurance event. I expect to start using it on longer training rides as well to allow me to push myself harder than before. This product is different from anything else I have tried.

Patty Denoncourt

I absolutely love The Right Stuff! I ran a race in the Sahara Desert (a 6-day foot race through the desert carrying a backpack with all my supplies. Each day was at least 25 miles.) & I used The Right Stuff. I had perfect hydration through the race. I never got dehydrated even in that heat (110 - 120 degrees). I... had no cramping, no nausea, no stomach problems & no swelling like many others in the race. I had to drop out after day 3 due to severe blisters & an infection in my toe. I am going back in 2011 & will definitely have The Right Stuff with me again!

Albert Blanco - 2011 RAAM Rookie of the year

I just completed the 3000 mile Race Across America (RAAM) in 9 days 7 hours, placed 4th overall and won the rookie of the year award. I followed a very strict liquid diet for the whole race. For RAAM and any other ultra-endurance race, hydration is fundamental since not hydrating well could make have an early exit from any event. You hear stories every year of racers, specially rookies(raam first timers) running into trouble in the dessert the first day of the race.Since this was my rookie year in RAAM the desert worry me ,so what i did to stay hydrated was add the right stuff water to my regular water bottle and also add it to the liquid food that i was consuming , I was using water with the right stuff and my liquid food only, never did i have other drinks but this two, so this two were my only sources of energy for the entire race the right stuff water and Spiz. I had some problems during RAAM with my neck,feet, hands and butt, but my hydration and nutrition was very good, i plan on using the same hydration routine that i used this year during raam in my next 2012 assault on the race and during my preparation for RAAM next year aslo.The right stuff water it's the right way to go.

Mark Niblo - Marathoner

I have run a total of 27 marathons and always had issues when the temperatures got over 60°. I used your product for the first time during the LA marathon in March and had my best time in over 2 years. I used The Right Stuff again at the Boston Marathon this week where it was 86° when I finished in downtown Boston. I ran a negative split, had zero cramping during or after the race and passed about 5000 runners during the race. I started with a mixed bottle of product at the start. I topped off the bottle at the aid stations and added another serving of the concentrate at the half. You can check my splits for LA and Boston on the websites and compare them to my results from San Antonio last year when I was not using your product. Simply amazing stuff. I will not run again without "The Right Stuff".

Valmir Nunes - Competes in B45+, FTR Off-road Hare Scramble and Enduro series

I have been on the road, running for a while and I have an extensive list of titles and records. I am a bi-worldchampion of 100k. I am also champion and recordists of the Badwater race in the Death Valley; among other victories including Spartathon (Greece) and Summer and Winter Beast of 100 miles in Buffalo. Using The Right Stuff in competitions helps me with endurance, and I also feel less tired. In addition, I feel like my muscles have more energy and function better during races because The Right Stuff keeps me hydrated.

* 2-time champion 100km (62mi) - North America and Europe
* World Record in World Championship 100km (Netherlands) - 6h18m09s
* Champion of Spartathlon - Greece 246km (153mi)
* Course Record Holder of Badwater Ultra - 217km (135 miles) - 22h51m29s
* 24 Hours in Taiwan - 273km828m (170.1mi) on track

Bill Floyd - USA Triathlon Certified Coach

I have used The Right Stuff for several months now, been using it with my clients as a coach, and have found the product to be worthy of being called The Right Stuff. My endurance stays higher longer, and my hydration needs are minimized, depending on the volume or duration. What I was particularly pleased about, is that my recovery was shorter, cleaner, and my ability to respond at the next workout the next day was exceptionally strong. As a coach, I am pleased with the results. In sampling it to my clients, and the knowledge that the impact will give podiums, stronger finishes, and not just talk. It is not just worth a try, it is worth the season.

Meridith Dolhare - Ultra-endurance athlete (Timex Multisport Team)

Rarely if ever do I trust a product enough to try it for the first time in race conditions, but I had heard such great things about The Right Stuff by NASA that I decided to wing it for a very hot and humid 50-miler in my lead up to the BADWATER 135-mile Ultramarathon. Honestly, I felt like I could run through a brick wall the entire time, and ended up winning the race overall (in the women's field) by a couple of hours! Then, I ingested a packet immediately post race and was ready to train again by Monday, and race another double marathon by the weekend even faster than the 50-miler on a harder course.

The Right Stuff is amazing before, during and after training or racing for endurance and recovery. Take my word for it!