Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes

The first Nutrition-Hydration Bar

Great athletic performance
requires sustained energy and hydration

Does not contain, Sugar Alcohols, Artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors



The first dual-benefit bar with meaningful
electrolytes AND sustained energy from resistant starches.

The Right Stuff Bar boosts training, competition and
recovery without energy spikes and crashes

Staying hydrated – especially during long athletic activities – can be challenging. Doing it without too much fluid intake may be even harder. The Right Stuff sports performance bar, with its NASA-qualified ratio of electrolytes, aids performance through the established benefits of electrolytes combined with resistant starches, such as potato and green banana flour.

Other sports nutrition bars contain simple sugars such as glucose and fructose, which provide quick energy boosts, but also activate insulin response resulting in the subsequent “crash.” And, most nutrition bars include large quantities (10-20g) of protein, which can be difficult to digest, especially during activities.

The Right Stuff bar uses special starches for long-lasting energy without the digestion challenges. Furthermore, most nutrition bars don’t provide much in the way of electrolytes – until now.


Each of The Right Stuff bars delivers 865 mg. of electrolytes,
while most bars deliver fewer than 250 mg.


For a real workout, choose the targeted boost, The Right Stuff bar, to supplement energy and electrolyte intake, pre-, during and post-workout for maximum performance and recovery.