Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes

Why It’s Better

Numerous published studies show, The Right Stuff® is far superior for:

  1. Fighting the symptoms caused by heavy sweating, dehydration and electrolyte loss
    • Cramps, muscle fatigue, headaches, light-headedness etc.
  2. Improving Core Thermoregulation
    • Protecting the body from overheating in times of intense exertion and high heat settings
  3. Increasing Endurance
    • Over 20% more than any other NASA-tested formula

Other Issue:
Thirst, drinking behavior and “Involuntary Dehydration”Involuntary dehydration (delay in full restoration of a body water deficit by drinking) occurs primarily in humans when exposed to various stresses (e.g., exercise, heat, altitude). The level of involuntary dehydration is approximately proportional to the degree of total stress imposed on the body.