Erik Backhaus – Using The Right Stuff to Move To The Next Level

The Right Stuff has been proven over and again to assist athletes to attain peak performance in order to excel in their sports arena. Erik Backhaus found that to be true in the 2012 season, placing 5 in points. Congratulations Erik, we look look forward to continuing to hear more about how The Right Stuff® is helping you succeed throughout 2013.

Without using The Right Stuff I don’t think I would have finished 5th in points at the end of this season. I will be moving up to the next level when the season starts up in May. I’m sure The Right Stuff will make my transition go smoothly. With the added distance and harder competition I will be facing, the benefits of helping suppress muscle fatigue and prevention of cramping will come in very handy. I can’t wait to continue using and promoting The Right Stuff next season.

Erik Backhaus

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