The Right Stuff Takes The Mind Game Out Of The Equation For Linda Quirk

The Right Stuff zero carb electrolyte liquid drink additive goes all over the planet with athletes who wish to improve their performance. The Right Stuff drink additive has been adopted by high performance athletes to stave off dehydration regardless of the climate and conditions.

Here is a great testimonial from Ultra Runner, Linda Quirk:

When you’re running in some of the harshest, hottest conditions on the planet it is essential to stay hydrated.  My coach and sports dietitian Bob Seebohar introduced me to The Right Stuff after I completed the Atacama Desert.  Somewhere during that race I miscalculated how many capsules of electrolytes I had consumed resulting in a very negative response…dehydration.  The Right Stuff was literally a game changer for me. Not only did it keep me hydrated, without cramps and more energy, it took the mind game out of the equation.  I was literally freed up to concentrate on the trail ahead of me just adding a serving into my water bottles at each check point.  The Right Stuff is always a part of my kit no matter what race I’m entered into.  I have and will continue to promote the benefits of The Right Stuff to anyone who’ll listen to me.  So, send me to the first race on the moon and The Right Stuff will be there with me!!

Linda Quirk- Ultra runner

1st American Woman & Oldest Person to complete RTP’s (The Racing The Planet Series) 4 Deserts Grand Slam in one calendar year

Linda is an amazing athlete and has an amazing story and we here at The Right Stuff are proud we have her as our Athlete Advocate.

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