Charles Rosenthal – Bike America Racing on The Right Stuff

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Charlie here from Bike America Racing in S.Fla.
A short view on the right stuff product for people who are coming on board to the product.
Yes, our team has and is benefiting from the product in a few of ways.
  • For starters we do not have to purchase other products that cannot do the job of this one.
  • This product works immediately.
  • Thirdly, i always try to help someone if i see they cramp when they are riding. I end up giving them a few vials of my own so they can see for themselves the results.

There are between 7 to 9 of our teammates using the product at various times. Myself, i have been using The Right Stuff for apprx 3 years now. Tremendous difference in my long distance performance along with multi-stage races. Im not professional but do enough training and racing to see the difference in my personal performance. Depending on the ride or race ill use different qualities of the vials. If it is a ride of 50 to 70 miles I’ll use one vial between two bottles and just bring another vial with me just in case I may want to use another one. in a race, if it is a road race I’ll use one vial per bottle and some times use three to five bottles if under 70 miles. If it is a stage race i will also use one vial the night before and one vial after the race. The reason I do this is because I used to cramp a lot because I would dehydrate faster then the average person. it made a huge difference when i raced in Santo Domingo, 3 day race called the triple 100. I won the overall in this race in Nov 2010.I can assure you that the right stuff played a major roll in that year. I had raced there four years prior but would manage to cramp which we all know what that means in a race. I hope this will give someone who cramps to give it a try. I gave a box to my teammate Molli Serrano who will be doing the Ironman competition in October 2012. She was thrilled with her performance over the next few days of her training. When I hear the response from my teammates even they cannot believe how good the product is. I guess I can keep going but I said I would keep it short.

So good luck everyone.
WOW. What a great testimonial of a great product. We, here at The Right Stuff are glad to have helped you.
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