The Right Stuff is Proud to Add Team Topar as Members of our Athlete Advocates

Team Topar
Competes in AMRA, D37, WEST CHEC and WEBE Off-Road Harescramble and Enduro Championship Serie

We first used The Right Stuff for a race out in Colorado in the 2012 Webe Off Road Motorcycle Series. Due to the nature of the sport and the extreme
exertion, dehydration and muscle fatigue result; especially during 2-hour plus endurance races combined with summer heat. We have been looking for a
product that minimizes those effects. The Right Stuff is most definitely the first product that our riders have used that enabled us to ride at our
peak performance over the entire 2-hour race. We also found that by taking the Right Stuff after the event we all felt amazing the next day and did
not suffer from post dehydration or muscle fatigue.- Team Topar

Team Fast Racing