Hydration For Winter Athletes

Is it necessary to hydrate in the wintertime? When most people think of hydration, summertime is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Those hot, sweaty months filled with ice tea and lemonade. For a high performance athlete, summertime can mean training under a hot sun and the constant advice from coaches and health blogs to stay hydrated.

But it is equally important to stay hyrated during the cold months for two very good reasons. Staying hydrated, especially for a high performance athlete, is important as the body is pushed to the next level of performance. Dehydration can cause cramps, loss of coordination and exhaustion which can have a huge impact on performance. Cold weather can cause blood vessels to constrict in the cold to conserve heat and maintain body temperature which can increase blood pressure. The body’s response is to create more urine to alieve the pressure which means greater loss of fluid and greater risk of dehydration.

As well, when performing at a high level in the cold weather, athletes are required to wear additional layers of clothing. This raises our body temperatures and causes our bodies to sweat even more to cool the body down. High performance winter sports such as downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing requires additional hydration.

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