Scott Tietzel – Pro Cyclist – On The Right Stuff

Pro Cyclist (Team Specialized), 2011 Leadville 100; 11-place finish overall and #1 finish in age group 20-29

Scott Tietzel, pro cyclist, has raced in the “Bailey Hundo” competition. A 100 mi race designed for endurance cyclist with 12,740 ft of climbing terrain.
On June 16 2012, Scott set a course record of 6 hrs 28:55 minutes.


One of the main issues I had with endurance cycling was cramping and so the high sodium content / electrolyte balance really was a great advantage for me.

I use it before to prehydrate before a big event. I’ll do that the day before, the morning before an event, then I will also use it during an event. If I have a long race, I will get bottles at the feed zone so that I am hydrating during an event and then after a big effort, six or seven hours on the bike. Even if you are drinking as much as you can you are going to be dehydrated, so I use The Right Stuff afterwards as well.

Last year in Leadville, five hours into the race I was really starting to hit the wall and I had a bottle with The Right Stuff in there and I was able to finish up strong and I was actually able to pass up some guys that were in the same spot that I was earlier and without a doubt it was because of The Right Stuff.