Don’t forget to Hydrate in the Winter months too! The Right Stuff®

With the colder months now here and winter fast approaching, its equally critical to remember the importance of remaining hydrated during this season’s high performance activities.

The human body needs to maintain its hydration levels to perform normal functions. The body loses fluids mostly by means of urination, sweat during high performance activities and breathing. Dehydration interferes with the body’s ability to maintain core temperature and can impact both the mental and physical aspects of performance.

While you may not be as sensitive to noticing it, the winter months can cause just as much of an impact on hydration as the summer months. Factors such as dry air, winds chill, sweating and even shivering contribute to a loss of fluids in the body, which need to be replaced.

As little as 2% decline in your hydration levels can lead to a significant (up to 10%) decrease in your athletic performance. The hydration additive developed by NASA replaces vital fluids in the body quicker than any other tested formula to maintain peak performance both during the season and during the training season.

Remember, as the holidays approach that such beverages as tea, coffee or soda, which contain caffeine, can act as a diuretic thus flushing vital fluid from the system and contributing to dehydration. Alcoholic beverages, so prevalent during the holiday system, can not only contribute to dehydration but also increase chances of hypothermia during training in the winter temperatures.

This winter season, make sure that you train to your peak efficiency, including remaining hydrated with The Right Stuff®, in order to remain the high performance athlete that you are.

For all of you who competed in your big, season ending race, congratulations on finishing strong!  The Right Stuff® was in Kona at the Ironman World Championships in October and we had the opportunity to see many inspiring performances. It was very hot and humid and the competitors made sure to properly dial in their nutrition requirements that included frequent hydration before, throughout and following the race.