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The Right Stuff Electrolyte Hydration additive plays an active role in the high performance of many athletes involved in competition, even during the winter months. The unique NASA-developed product works to maintain the athlete’s performance and assist them in their success. Here are a few great reviews from our Facebook page.

Blake Cox

After struggling through two seasons, fighting cramps and dehydration, I’ve finally found the best product on the market. The Right Stuff – NASA Developed Electrolyte Drink Additive has improved my performance and overall endurance, helping me take triathlon to the next level. With The Right Stuff, I train harder and reach deeper when I need it most in competition. Proud to be an Athlete Advocate for the best endurance product on the market.

Angie Squires Cole

Big thanks to The Right Stuff for helping me (Drew Cole) to a 5th place finish in the Lochloosa Enduro 2013. The event was a 65 mile woods race held August 18 near Gainesville FL. Due to the extremely wet conditions, every element but dust was on the course. Combined with a heat index of nearly 100 degrees…this was one hot, tough, mudder! As the race wore on, hydration and core temps were the least of my concerns. Thanks again to The Right Stuff…a significant competitive advantage.

Karen Kingsley

So — I’m not a triathlete or a marathoner or, for that matter, even much of a runner, although I do run. I run around a ring competing in agility with my dog. Like an awful lot of recreational agility competitors, I am a more-than-middle-aged woman who weighs too much. However, I do hike about 12-15 miles a week and train in agility and water with my dogs so I’m not a complete sloth.

What this means, though, is that I spend a lot of time outdoors all day in the heat, running sprints. Last year at Nationals (yes, we were good enough to qualify), it was hot. For four days, we essentially lived outdoors, running our dogs for a very speedy minute at a time, but walking them for miles in between, volunteering to work and score in between runs, which means sitting in the sun for hours.

I was one of the few of my friends who survived it without too much pain or dehydration because I used The Right Stuff a few times a day to make sure I was properly hydrated.

Every weekend in summer, there are, literally, hundreds, if not thousands, of competitions with people like me tempting fate in the heat. Another friend nearly died of heat stroke two months ago at an agility trial. Since then, I’ve been telling all my friends and they are interested.

Suzanne Skibinski

I had tons of trouble with cramping in heat and humidity last year, when I was training for my first full distance Ironman. A friend, who is also a Triathlon coach, recommended I try The Right Stuff. I did, and I haven’t had a single issue with cramping in hot/humid weather or on long brick workouts since. It has made training for my 2nd full Ironman a lot more enjoyable!!! This stuff is the best. And NO ONE paid me to say that!

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